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Julie Thomas is an Active Duty Air Force Family Nurse Practitioner. She is currently an AFIT student in the School of Nursing DNP program (Doctorate of Nursing Practice), in her first year.

1. What is the biggest difference you’ve noticed in transitioning from military life to civilian life?

I have no real schedule or structure to my days!  I can stay up studying until 2 or 3 am if I need to and just sleep in the next morning.  The downside is it’s easy to lose track of the days! (I actually kind of miss the structure!)

2. What is something you wish you had known before moving here?

I wish I’d had a better understanding of just how easy the bus system is to use here.  I think it would have changed where I opted to look for housing.  I’m very happy where I live, but had I known the bus system was so amazing and easy, my search would have been different.

  1. What is an important lesson that you learned in the military that has helped you in grad school?

Get it done early!  I have been known to procrastinate, especially with daunting tasks (which is basically all of Grad School!), so staying on task getting it done before it’s due was a good lesson from the military.

  1. What made you choose UNC/NC when deciding on a program/place to study?

The AF AFIT program had specific program guidelines/requirements, so that limited what schools I could apply to. UNC-CH was one of those that met the standard.  The School of Nursing is one of the top programs in the nation, so there was no way I could pass up this opportunity!

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