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Margarett McBride is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. Her research focuses on how neighborhood contexts shape parenting and youth well-being in Black families. The Graduate School featured her research in its spring 2021 Beyond These Walls event.


Margarett McBride
Margarett McBride

Saginaw, Michigan

Area of study:

Department of Psychology—Developmental Psychology Ph.D. Program

What motivates you?

My community and family are big motivators for my work. I want to help create safer communities to improve their lives and for others like us.

Why UNC-Chapel Hill?

I chose UNC because of the supportive nature of my lab (StAR Lab) and because of the diversity around UNC. Being so close to other great cities like Durham and Raleigh appealed to me because I can not only attend events/build community that expands beyond Chapel Hill, but I could also work with other great scholars at neighboring institutions.

How have you built community at UNC-Chapel Hill?

I have built community at Carolina by just showing up. Whenever I attended a DSS event or Black Graduate and Professional Student Association event, the people of these organizations just naturally made it feel inclusive and like a great community. Frequently attending events was a great way to learn about program organizers and to meet other students around campus.

Describe DSS in five words!

My home away from home
*McBride is also involved with Diversity and Student Success’s Carolina Grad Students F1RST initiative.
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