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I’m Korean and my hometown is called Daecheon, even though I was recently in Seoul before arriving here, my youth was in that city. Jeonghwan Kim wearing a turtleneck and glasses.

Ph.D. in Spanish in the Department of Romance Studies.

What motivates you?

I love to think about what books want to say us. That is why I’m studying Latin American literature, which caught my attention since my first year of undergraduate in Korea.

A Colombian professor, who was in my master’s degree committee, recommended me the Ph.D. program of the Department of Romance Studies in UNC at Chapel Hill. He said that when he studied for his Ph.D. in another university in U.S., he heard very good things about the program. Then I started to search for the program. And I loved how the University is introduced, such as investigation-oriented, U.S. first public university, its history regarding diversity and inclusion, and also how the process of the department is organized. I really got a certainty that the program will guide me to be a serious scholar in Latin American literature. Also I got the first positive decision from the department, which made one of the happiest day in my life.

How have you built community at Carolina?

I have an intimate relationship with my colleagues of my department, and also with professors. We talk a lot and also our social chair holds events to get together. In addition, I’m participating in the events of DSS which help me a lot to get ease and to get to know other international students, including other U.S. students of first generation and minority groups. It is always great to know new people. I also tried to participate in the programs held by The Writing Center. I really got so much help from it, even though most were on-line.

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