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Where do you consider to be your hometown?

Rajahmundry, India

What is your degree program?

Master’s degree in information science.

What motivates you?

Always wanting to learn something new keeps me motivated. Building something creative and coming up with original ideas also boosts my energy. Working well as part of a team, and completing a difficult project by seeing it through to the end gives me pleasure. Other interests like photography, films, and making art keep me going. Vamsy Marni wearing a purple button-down shirt and jacket.

Why did you choose UNC-Chapel Hill when deciding on a program/place to study?

UNC-Chapel Hill being one of the top schools for Information Science, it was obvious for me to decide on coming to Chapel Hill. I also found the master’s program to be flexible and well designed. Especially the Human-Computer Interaction Design specialization unique to UNC-CH SILS sold me to come here. On top of that, I love the weather in Chapel Hill. With lots of natural beauty in and around the campus, I couldn’t have chosen a better school.

How have you built community at Carolina?

At Carolina, I have built a community by meeting fellow students through the various events held on campus and my graduate housing. I’ve realized striking a conversation with people from diverse backgrounds and finding common ground with them will give you some interesting friends, as the students who come to Carolina are something else. Also, the Graduate Student Center has been very helpful in welcoming and making us feel at home with periodic community-building events. Another organization called International Friends has been an absolute dream in terms of helping and building a community amongst international students. There are many academic and recreational clubs around campus that you can join. I’m part of a club called FLUX, which focuses on User-Experience.

Describe Diversity and Student Success in five words!

Collaborative, energetic, celebratory, giving, inclusive
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