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Ph.D. student DeeAnn Spicer has attended Writing Wednesdays with our Initiative for Minority Excellence—she says they’ve helped her feel like part of a community while in graduate school.

Where do you consider to be your hometown?

Santa Cruz, Trinidad and Tobago/Silver Spring, MD DeeAnn Spicer wearing a black shirt

What is your degree program?

Ph.D. in philosophy

What motivates you?

It can be hard to stay motivated in a Ph.D. program which is largely self-directed, and you work in isolation. What motivates me is seeing my students learn new ideas and new ways to think about the world. I think about how I’m contributing to the body of knowledge that will be taught to future students, and how I want to be one of the professors who gets to teach them.

Why did you choose UNC-Chapel Hill?

One of the main reasons I chose UNC-Chapel Hill was that the philosophy department seemed like a congenial and welcoming community.

How have you built community at Carolina?

I’ve built a community by intentionally creating space for social engagements, whether that be one-on-one lunch dates or Writing Wednesdays with IME. Even writing alongside people who I don’t know can help me feel more like a part of a community.

Describe Diversity and Student Success in five words!

A fun, supportive and friendly community.
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