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9:00-9:20 Towards Early Detection of Diabetic Kidney Disease Using Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Perfusion Parameters SMART
9:25-9:45 Amygdala activation during negative emotional experiences SMART
9:50-10:10 Investigating the role of μ opioid receptor in Chx10-expressing neurons SMART
10:15-10:35 The Affects of Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on Behavioral Measures of Impulsivity SMART
10:40-11:00 The Role of a Small Molecule in Facilitated Corneal healing SMART
11:05-11:25 A Proteomics Based Approach to Determine the Role of the Cardiac Neural Crest SMART
11:30-11:50 Expression of the psychiatric risk gene transcription factor-4 (TCF4) in the developing macaque neocortex. SMART
11:55-12:15 Variants that cause Hemophilia A and B: An exploration through SMART
12:20-12:40 Sex Differences in CGRP Response in LECs SMART
1:30-1:50 Construction and Validation of Dimerization Dependent Fluorescent Probes to Visualize Lipid Droplet - Organelle Contacts SMART
1:55-2:15 Effect of Ada2 SANT Mutations on H3 and H4 Histone Tail Binding SMART
2:20-2:40 Enhancing the efficacy of chimeric antigen receptor T cells in pancreatic cancer SMART
2:45-3:05 Kynurenine metabolism induces HIV latency disruption and induces ACSS2-associated histone crotonylation SMART
3:10-3:30 The effect of losing a transcription factor on chromatin remodeling complexes SMART
3:35-3:55 An Investigation of Nanocellulose/Chitosan-Based Injectable Hydrogels SMART
4:00-4:20 Testing the effects of Corin on chromatin accessibility in Ewing sarcoma SMART
4:25-4:45 Evaluating the Association Between Prenatal Toxic Metal Exposure and Placental DNA Methylation SMART
4:50-5:10 “TCF4 expression in the developing Macaque neocortex.” SMART